Revealing the Super YOU: Part 2

           It has now been two weeks since the class that I called “Building the Super YOU, ” a class which set my mind working against the complicated complex of often subtle but nearly omnipresent forces which stand between us and our various paths to meta-humanity, our personal “Ascensions,” if you will. In the interim I have been pleased to see that my teachings regarding this strange concept have not, as I had feared, fallen on deaf ears, but rather that all of us, myself included, have made some truly remarkable progress.

           One important principle which I myself have come to appreciate is the need to recognize and respect the concept of a cover identity, which is a very important grounding aspect of the Meta-human’s often unsettling, but, otherwise, endlessly provocative, “presentation.” At first I made the rather unconstructive assumption that the “normal people” I saw in front of me were all simply obstacles to the higher-beings which I wished to reveal; however, upon reflection, I’ve come to understand how a mundane identity is in fact a very pragmatic necessity, at least, if one hopes to navigate polite society without constant rebuke, ridicule, rejection, or even the very real threat of institutionalization.

           Thus, I am no longer attempting to rend the veil with a verbal blade; now I am simply sending my messages past this entirely practical formality of the modern non-mythic age, so as to gently and gradually reawaken these strange and otherworldly creatures, who will then each be better able to develop their own strength and self-awareness while nestled within the long shadows of these various mundane disguises.

           What if it’s not just a disguise, you ask? Of course it is; it’s nothing but disguises all the way down. There’s a Zen koan, which are questions that can only be properly answered with a dawning of enlightenment, that asks, “What did your face look like before you were born; indeed, before any of your ancestors, or even the earth itself, had come into being?” Can you, now, within your own mind’s eye, look upon this, your unborn face, and not help but realize the exceedingly odd masquerade that you and so many others have fallen so deeply into? Wake up, Clark Kent -- Do I have a story for you.

           Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find that unrequested homework had been done and serious consideration had been expended towards the attainment of some sort of personal purpose. Though much of our time in that class seemed to be aimlessly frittered away in a meandering discussion of alternative histories, secret occult societies and various conspiracy theories, I believe it all served as a constructive push into an unseen world of unimagined possibilities.

           Last night, however, it seemed that we were all far more focused as we began our discussion with an examination of the divinity equation, which is created by the complimentary confluence of power and love; it’s analogs in the nearly identical formula for heroism and another for intelligence; Nietsche’s concept of slave morality; and the Aristotelian understanding and application of each of rhetoric’s three great pillars: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos.

           At the suggestion of one of my students, I’ve decided to offer another class, much like this one, in partnership with the good people at Bridgeville’s Zombie Apocalypse Pandemic, called “Psychic Inoculations,” the goal of which is to provide a certain degree of philosophical and psychological vaccination against the rising tide of Phobosophitis, the very real zombie disease which pushes us as a society ever closer to annihilation. Expect more on this in the near future; until then, Good Luck and Namaste.

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