Archangels of the Unconscious

           Recently I'd renewed my interest in achieving what scientists and mystics alike refer to as the "lucid dream state," albeit with very limited initial success. Until last night the best I had managed were a frustrating series of only "semi-lucid" dreams, wherein I found myself slightly, although not sufficiently, disturbed by a few of the more unusual dream events I'd experience, leading to questions like, “Why are all people I’m running into being played by famous actors?” or “Hmm… I’m not usually Jewish, am I?” or “Wait, aren't you usually dead?”

           Despite persistent nagging suspicions such as these that something was not quite right, I just wasn’t making that final obvious leap in logic which would allow me to realize that I was, in fact, dreaming; That is, until last night, when I had the following dream:

           I’m at some sort of martial arts convention being held in a fancy hotel. At one point I’m watching a Kung Fu Master named Yang Jwing-Ming give a joint-locking demonstration when I suddenly feel someone staring at me. Across the room I see a slightly chubby unshaven Chinese gentleman in a coat and hat, but then, all of a sudden, he turns into a completely different person; a Middle Eastern man with a long beard, big black eyes, dressed in these long green robes, and, strangest of all, we can hear each other’s thoughts (but of course, none of this stuff seems weird enough to me to tip me off that I’m dreaming... yet).

           Anyway, he indicates that he wants me to follow him and, as he leads me through the hotel, through this secret doorway, and down a long spiraling stone staircase, I can hear him talking in my head about being an immortal prophet of the one true and secret religion and how dreams serve as just one of many connections between two worlds that should never have been rent asunder, and by the time I reach the bottom step, I realize, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is an obvious dream, and I can have anything I want.

           Suddenly I’m with a beautiful woman who tells me that I have a choice to make, “your way or mine,” and starts shifting between being the guy I’d been following and being this women. Then she says something like “I guess it’ll be your way then” and she starts taking off her clothes, but I can see that she/he's upset so I apologize and tell him/her that I really do want to know where he/she was trying to take me.

           She asks me a few more times if I’m sure that I don’t want to just have sex but, no longer really trusting in the sincerity of the offer or of his/her gender, I apologize again for turning him into a woman and say that I’ll let him show me whatever it was that he wanted to show me originally (Interestingly enough he actually stays a sexy woman for the rest of the dream and gives me various reasons to believe that he’s more than a little bit annoyed about it, but he tells me, rather ominously, that it really doesn’t matter because his job here is simply to “deliver me to them.”).

           So this is the part where it gets really interesting; he takes me to a long table floating in this vast and otherwise empty void with what appear to be seven Archangels seated all around the opposite side of it. After we talk for a while they tell me that although I’ll probably forget most of this I really only have to remember two essential things: Each one of their names, so as to call on them, and the seven tasks that each one of them wants to have carried out back on Earth.

           These angels promise that they'll watch over me and anyone else who chooses to serve as their hands here on the ground, and they tell me to share all of this here, on my blog, but then not to talk about it too much after that.

           The first angel’s name is Gabriel (which, by the way, means “The Hero of God”), and he commands me to fight against Evil. The second angel’s name is Raphael (which means “The Healing of God”), who asks that I nourish the weak. The third angel is Michael (which means “Who is like God?”), and he tells me to humble the mighty, and the fourth angel is, of course, Auriel (which means “The Light of God”), who cautions me to always be mindful.

           The final three angels are unusual and so these are the ones who’s messages Auriel warns will be the hardest to remember if I don’t just concentrate primarily on the meanings of their names. She tells me to write this all down as soon as I wake up (and that I really should work on developing my memory, and my facility with mnemonics in particular) but I think I did a really good job if I do say so myself:

           There's Haniel (whose name means “The Grace of God”) who tells me to be graceful, and then there's Raziel ("The Secret of God") who suggests that I learn how to gather intelligence, and then he introduces the final angel at the table, Azazel (adding that his name means “Separated from God”). Azazel, unlike the others, refuses to speak, even as many of the other angels begin telling him that it's his turn, but we just smile at each other, because we both know that I already know what his secret “orders” are… Don’t you?

           That’s pretty much it. Although I can occasionally remember my dreams pretty well, this one was obviously uncharacteristically detailed and vivid. It's possible that I remembered it all so well because of how it ended, with my transgendered guide interrupting Auriel’s explanation of some method or other that I should use to help me remember all this stuff with the sudden interjection, “This ought to do the trick,” and then immediately hitting me in the face with something big (I think it was either a book or a shovel, but I’m not sure; I suppose it could have been a pillow, or, quite possibly, it was just reality itself).

           Whatever it was, she was right, because I suddenly found myself wide awake and reaching for the notebook that I keep for exactly this purpose on the nightstand right beside my bed. I scribbled down as many important details as I could remember and then immediately opened up my laptop to begin writing this, a work which has now utterly consumed the first few hours of my day, on this, the first day of summer, 2012.

           I’m sure that a lot of people will probably say that I just made all this up, and to these very reasonable skeptics I can only respond, “Yes. I wholeheartedly agree.” I myself don’t actually believe that this is proof of anything necessarily being “out there” or that I’ve been “chosen” for anything special; I think that it’s most likely that I simply produced a highly detailed, wildly fantastic, emotionally evocative fantasy, entirely within the confines of my own feverish little brain, but this also just so happens to be a fantasy which conveniently begs to be extended out into my waking life as well, and therein, I feel, lay its true brilliance.

           In short, I believe that the ultimate “truth” of this, as with so many things, will have to be found in how well it “proves itself” in whatever new experiences or new worlds these new tenets guide each one of us to create, and I say “us” because, obviously, they’re here now for you as well. In the end, each of us can choose to believe whatever we wish, yet, regardless of whether this dream’s ultimate reality turns out to be mere fantasy or prophesy, I don’t really see any difference in its basic utility for those few among us currently struggling to walk the walk of sincere and effective Malakim here on the often vicious, although perhaps largely benevolent, hell that we call Earth. Good Luck and Namaste.

The 7 Duties of Malakim
Gabriel- Fight Evil
Raphael- Nourish the weak
Michael- Humble the mighty
Uriel- Be mindful
Haniel - Be graceful
Raziel- Gather intelligence
Azazel- (reserved for the Malakim only)

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