Guarding the Narthex

           The Narthex is a non-localized ritually activated portal that links our world to an obscure pocket dimension of nearly forgotten myths and fading magics. It is perhaps the last remaining access point between here and this vast and hidden netherworld, which was originally opened so as to provide both a means of escape and a stable refuge for countless magical creatures attempting to survive the demise of Earth's last great mythic age. The Kingdoms of the Djinn, the Elves, and the Fae; the Cryptids and the Shifters; the Dragons and the Titans; the unspeakable Elder things; all of these once proud beings are now huddled together in this secret outer world, pushed to the edge of reality and driven nearly to the brink of extinction.

           The roots of this purge can be traced back to the potent banishing rites of the Osirians and, later, the Catholic Church, worked faithfully for centuries by a growing army of clerics banded together beneath the banner of the dying god. Ironically, this faith paved the way for it's own demise as well, by furnishing mankind with a banal world largely sanitized of the supernatural, inuring us all to the plodding and constrained march of human reason and the quantum tyranny of empirical science; Christianity may have locked and bolted these doors, but it was our so-called scientific progress that eventually threw away all the keys.

           Because of this, even the Angels and the Demons eventually found that their heavens and hells were all becoming too drab to house more than a fraction of their once considerable power and glory, and so, as it was designed to do, the Narthex has led these creatures to asylum as well.

           The Narthex can be opened in many different ways but all of these methods seem to rely, at least in part, on a basic suspension of disbelief. To this end, a sacred space must be engineered, not only in one's surroundings but in the minds of its observers as well, which will permit these two dissonant worlds to touch, if only for a moment, so that things might be exchanged between those on either side. Thoughts, memories, feelings, even powers and personages can be passed into and out of our world by the tangible evocation and activation of a Narthex proper. The possibilities are limited only by the size and the strength of its manifestation.

           Don't over think it; The Narthex often slips open of its own accord, where there are children are at play or covens at work or a changling lost deep in thought. The surest way to find your way to the Narthex is simply to call out to it by name, perhaps in some secret or well concealed place, where your feet fear to go and your mind starts to spin and your heart begins to tremble and turn. Perhaps you'll choose a day when the veil is said to be thin, or a place where others claim that strange and unexplainable things tend to happen, like a supposedly haunted house where the angles all seem to be a little bit off. Whenever, wherever and why ever you seek the Narthex, know that, regardless of the exotic or aesthetically stimulating places that you may carry your body, the gate actually opens itself up nowhere else but inside of you. Good luck and Namaste.

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