The Quantum Touchstone

           When my "in" at the Vatican passed away a few years ago, I was at least very fortunate to inherit quite a bit, both mundane and magical, and one of the most important magical artifacts that I have ever received was something called a "touchstone." Although I was told that it may be the only remaining one if it's kind, at first I didn't think it was anything important or even terribly useful (to be honest, I had initially thought it was just some sort of mood ring), but the truth is I simply didn't understand its true significance, something that I now understand can only happens after what amounts to a rather radical shift in paradigm for most people, at the very least for those of us who aren't quantum physicists.

          Simply put, the touchstone is a navigational tool that, at least initially, is absolutely necessary to help one maintain his or her bearings during inter-dimensional travel (which, I soon came to understand, is apparently something that we're all doing nearly all the time anyway, but, without a touchstone, we're simply forced to stumble along blindly and largely unaware of these rather significant shifts in our reality). We all know that highs and lows are common to every life; few of us ever realize, however, that we're actually floating somewhere between heaven and hell during all of these various trials and transformations, and leaving entire worlds behind us with each new day, indeed, each new moment.

          The artifact works rather simply, deceptively so in fact, with the color of the touchstone shifting subtly across an entire spectrum of visible light, from pitch black at the very lowest of dimensions on up through red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet and finally, unto the infamous white light. These are more than just a reflection of some entirely subjective state of mind, although it can sometimes help those who are only just beginning to grasp the concept of inter-dimensional travel to oversimplify the working of a touchstone in this way, especially since different people can and will sometimes perceive the touchstone's current color very differently anyway. No, the truth is that these colors illustrate the very real yet otherwise inconspicuous levels of a multiverse through which we each as travelers are alternatively sinking or ascending, and, at the risk of possibly confusing things even further, these various dimensions not only seem to exist in parallel but are at times found to be interpenetrating and overlapping each other as well.

          It's also important to realize that that dimensional drifting can and does occur during any, even the very briefest, moment of unconsciousness, with sleep, of course, being the period when most of us seem to drift the farthest. This sort of "travel" is so subtle that it's otherwise almost certainly imperceptible to both the hapless travelers or to those they have "left behind," since every level of the multiverse contains an analog of almost every other person or object that might possibly be found in what we are now coming to see as an apparently infinite number of parallel universes.

          Experimenting with the touchstone has been rather illuminating in other ways as well, for, as one might find with the use of biofeedback, it's entirely possible, if not inevitable, to learn how to raise or lower one's place in the universe just as you might come to be able to control one's heart rate. Such navigation through the multiverse is as simple as concentrating on the color one sees and gradually guiding it to shift under the direction of one's will. This is useful, among other reasons, because it seems that there are some beings who are almost impossible to locate outside of there own "level," especially near the very top or the very bottom.

          But perhaps the most amazing development comes at the point when one inevitably finds that their use of the actual stone has become superfluous. In time, and with a deep enough understanding of our ultimate reality, I believe that almost anyone's awareness of the stone's current color becomes so intuitively obvious that one really shouldn't even need to physically check it. At this level one will also find that he or she has the absolutely invaluable ability to reproduce those same sort of willed and intentional dimensional navigations described above simply by clearly visualizing the touchstone in one's own mind and willing a shift in the colors as usual.

          But please, now that you've become psychically aware of this objects existence, its function, and the true structure of our reality, I'd like you to take a moment to simply close your eyes and answer these two very simple questions: What's the current color of your touchstone and where would you like to attempt to travel today? Good luck and Namaste.

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  1. at first i thought of 'lost' :P sorry for the brevity, but sleep deprivation prevents me from providing wittier or insightful reflection. as such, you get this.

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