Transending Trancendance

           I have recently taken to attempting hypnosis, of a sort, on my young students; not in any serious or authoritative fashion, nor with any gravity or Svengalian domination, I can assure you, but rather with a far more casual and campy sort of stage-hypnosis approach. My real goal, you see, has not been to actually produce any tangible degree of trance (although it’s interesting to see what sort of places people’s mind will run to when given the chance), but rather I have merely been attempting to provide a pretense for each student’s self-transcendence, for an unimpeded shifting of seemingly inescapable internal states into whatever new forms of consciousness my young superpupils may wish. This has not been an exercise completely free of suggestion mind you; Sleepy children may have been be invited to become more awake and energized, troubled children of any kind were obviously provided with just the sort of excuse they were needing to discard their negative emotional states, states which they may heretofore have felt mired in, all without risking the associated loss of rhetorical impact that moving on like that often entails.

          It’s as if we can only believe in or find credible that which lies outside of our control and so we all learn to act as if we play far less of an active role in the creation and direction of our internal states than we really do. We come to insist that how we act is not mere “acting,” because that would make it optional, something that we could change at the merest whim (not just our own, but, most disturbingly, at another’s as well); No, we want, nay, need to believe that we consistently act out of feelings and emotional states that drive us from someplace beyond ourselves, some place that’s seemingly more “sincere” than a mere personal choice or preference would be; such puerile rubbish: It’s the last recourse, a dangerous and desperate self-delusion, of any easily bullied mind, and really, on final tally, how many minds aren’t easily bullied by at least one other person in their lives?

          I bring all this up because I myself have been struggling with seemingly inevitable disappointments and hardships, all the while trying to remember what it felt like to feel in control, not primarily of external things (although I feel that the surrendering mantra that “one has no control over the things outside themselves” is utter nonsense) but rather of my own internal space; of my feelings, and my focus, and most importantly, of my inspiration. The Buddhist and Hermetic teachings both agree that, although we will each inevitably encounter pain, suffering is a choice, a matter of perspective, a clear cut matter of shifting one's attention away from the past and onto a present that really couldn’t possibly arrive otherwise. Although my mind is currently tearing itself into pieces, my concentration and focus being drawn away towards any other possible thing other than this moment and this simple creative task, I’m fighting it; largely because I know of no one else that’s free in the way I wish to be free and so losing this battle is not really an option, is it? In short, I’m putting my crown back on.

          I started this dialogue (yes, you are expected to respond) with some leading talk of “a pretense for transcendence,” an excuse, or, even better, an opportunity, to change, to become something new, something more. Tomorrow (Alright, well I guess it’s already become today) I’m having a planning meeting to organize my new (and admittedly indiscreet) “Discrete Immersive Role Playing” experience in Oakdale, PA. Ostensibly this story will revolve around the board meetings of my League of Reformed Supervillians, but, in all actuality, this story has to revolve around you, or more precisely some better form of you I suppose. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for your wildest dreams; A chance to be whatever you want in an environment designed to protect and nurture you in this your most delicate and nascent state; It’s like a cannibalistic dinner theater in which we’ve all been invited to eat each other’s false and inferior faces (but far far nicer than all that); it’s Art imitating Life imitating Art. It’s something to which, experience has taught me, nobody will actually come…

          However, while experience has taught me that I am not “fit” to feed you your heart’s desires, I HAVE found that you all will respond quite readily to a suitable and less threatening proxy, and so rather than waste my time trying to get you or anyone else to come and join ME for anything, this right here is my momentarily open invitation to anyone else who wishes to boldly stand up in the spotlight in my stead and sell transcendence to the fickle and cowering masses; Step right up and let me help you help me help everybody else become something new, because, Ladies and Gentlemen, the brand spanking new Alchemical Theater of Trancendance is now officially accepting applications for new management. Good luck and Namaste.

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