The Secret War

           In the wake of Snowden’s recent whistle blowing efforts against unconstitutional mass surveillance, and our government’s possibly short-sighted decision to label this action an act of “treason” (i.e. betrayal of one’s own country by giving aid to its enemies), American citizens are now suddenly faced with not only undeniable evidence that our rights are being violated but, perhaps even more worrisome, that our government appears to regard us as its enemy. Since this new information has come as somewhat of a shock to many of you, this is probably a very good time to cast a bit of light on some other arguably subtle yet undeniably true movements made by the U. S. Government in modern history, actions which, once learned, may help to make this current “shocking” revelation, and any others which may soon follow, of very little surprise to anyone.

           Although this may not immediately connect to any sort of “proof” for the things that are happening today, let’s go all the way back to 1933, to the so-called business plot, when a decorated Major General named Smedly Butler turned on wealthy corporate conspirators who had foolishly invited him into a military coup designed to oust democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in order to install a fascist corporatocracy. While Butler’s testimony was found credible enough by the House Subcommittee on Un-American Activities to substantiate the plots actual existence, no one was ever charged with anything and in fact the identities of most of the conspirators remain unconfirmed even to this day, as they were, by and large, protected by the rather disconcerting discretion of the committee itself.

           Those whose names were publicly associated with the plot, like J.P. Morgan, the Duponts, the head of Chase Bank, the head of GM, the head of Goodyear, and even then Senator Prescott Bush, didn’t seem to suffer even a bit of public relations trouble for their supposed involvement in actual full blown treason. So it’s really no wonder that after that they didn’t get in any real trouble for their financial and political support of the Nazis either, not only in the days leading up to, but also all throughout, World War II.

           I only mention all this because it helps to contextualize the political realities of the America that existed from that time forward, an America that not too long after this chose to shelter and employ, instead of try and execute, hundreds of Nazi scientists who were smuggled out of Germany after the war, ideologically passionate Nazis who were given posh jobs working for U.S intelligence and the nascent Space Program as part of a clandestine operation known as Project Paperclip. That, I believe, is where the current psychological attack of the human mind and spirit, which I was recently asked to explain a bit more clearly, truly started.

           While many of these men were merely rocket scientists slated for our impending space race with the Soviets, what else were we supposed to do with hundreds of mind control scientists than exactly what we proceeded to do? Again, all this background knowledge is simply necessary in order to make better sense of the clandestine events that were immediately to follow, not just the black bag programs like Project Chatter, Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke and eventually MKUltra, which all employed drugs, sexual abuse, isolation, hypnosis, torture and any number of other terrible things which could serve to advance and perfect the forbidden arts that had we inherited from the Nazis, but also Operation Mockingbird as well, where the C.I.A. took it upon themselves to infiltrate mass media in order to control popular discourse within our country, all, of course, in the name of national security. They've even been directly linked to funding the misandrous musings of Gloria Stienem and Ms. Magazine, but that's getting slightly off topic.

           Some of these events may seem hard to believe, but, over a period of 80 years, things like this will tend to get exposed from time to time and hard proof is thus revealed for anyone with the patience, or perhaps just the attention span, to see the obvious hidden patterns that these facts reveal. We didn’t beat the Nazis, we elected them to our two highest government offices at least four times; we adopted the water fluoridation techniques that they used to pacify their prisoners at Auschwitz and Dachau; we imported, repackaged, and enthusiastically peddled their proven propaganda techniques on Madison Avenue to a new corporate class of elites who learned how to properly vet for better recruits than poor old Smedly Butler; and, in less than 80 years of these Nazis at work in the shadows, America has perfected a control apparatus so unbelievably massive that if anyone tried to describe it to you in its entirety you would be completely within your rights to think that they absolutely must be mad.

           I wouldn't even risk it. A person like that would probably end up ranting about the massive boom in the prison industrial complex and the recent popularity of the inhumanely cruel "control units" where endless solitary confinement has become a matter of course, particularly for political prisoners, or about more and more police precincts flagrantly transgressing the limitations of Posse Comitatus each passing day with the importation and repurposing of traditionally military ordnances. They could mention Monsanto taking control of the FDA or hiring Blackwater to spy on anti-GMO scientists and activists, all while slowly replacing 80% of the market with their unlabeled GMOs and psuedofoods, that deliver excitotoxins, carcinogens and induced enzyme starvation to young and old alike. Let’s not forget the drones which are now killing civilians both at home and abroad or the various secret prisons we’ve created just for terror suspects. Eventually this conversation may even roll around to the now indisputable existence of COINTELPRO or perhaps even go as far as to mention the Mind War program submitted to the Pentagon by then PsyOps Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a satanist who would later found the Temple of Set, with a subgroup called the Order of the Trapezoid dedicated entirely to Nazi occultism.

          See, at that point it would already have gotten too weird for most people to swallow, so much so that it would be rhetorically unwise to try and go any further, into wild conjectures on the possible realities of HAARP or of lily waves coming in across our powerlines or, yes, even the existence of chemtrails, yet in a country where 2.1 million people are working for Walmart (our nation’s single largest employer), and almost another half a million of us are working for McDonalds, can you fault anyone for being unsurprised that their government seems to have found better people to serve than the bulk of its destitute and economically conquered citizens?

           So, without getting into the REALLY crazy stuff, that's sort of what I meant when I mentioned “the current psychological attack on the human mind and spirit.” Consider yourself warned because, like I said, talking about these subjects any further than that has become sort of a major taboo in America. In order to preserve my hard won credibility, it's really not something you'll catch me doing very often.

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