Although The Sun Sets, We Must Rise.

           As the sun continues to fade, its deleterious effects become increasingly more obvious on the sneering, downturned faces of the people who pass me on the street. I watch motivations wan all around me as the costs of even simple actions have clearly begun to seem too high, the perceived benefits far too low, or even, perhaps, nonexistent. An oppressive miasma grips the very heart and soul of my city, indeed of the entire northern hemisphere, yet, it appears that simply bearing witness has somehow rendered me immune, set apart, perhaps, by sheer necessity. Whatever the cause, this sad but sobering solar fact has somehow shaken me free of the Long Night's entropic grasp.

          Since this grim knowledge appears to be what has set my own defiant soul ablaze with these endlessly invigorating fires of a so desperately needed resistance, I'm sharing this important message with all of you now, in the small, perhaps misguided, hope that this realization might similarly inspire some you. If not, it doesn't really matter anyway, as it truly appears that my own current strength is drawn directly from my realization of your collective weakness, a unfortunate fact that will provide me with at least a modicum of consolation as I continue to watch you all slowly fade away around me; yes, it's a cold comfort indeed, but it will have to serve.

          Still, consider this your one formal invitation to find within yourselves the untapped power of your own indomitable Midnight Sun, the one symbolized in the fierce blaze of the Yule log, the ever increasing candle light of the Menorah, and even the guiding Star of Bethlehem. Understand that this is a literal wake up call. The Darkness IS growing and so it falls now to those few among us, who can see and feel it looming there on the horizon, to prepare our hearts, our minds, and our bodies, for the many difficult battles that now lie ahead.

          For the countless others who currently suffer, I invite you to forget yourselves, to forget your own pain, to see the illusory nature of this current sunless trap, and awaken. Like Set and Mehen we could perhaps stand together on that lonely Solar barge, fending off the demon Apep throughout the Sun God's darkest hours. However, if you follow, as I do, in the sand-swept footsteps of the mighty Sutekh, you will realize, as I do, how you can, and, all too often, must, stand alone as well. Either way, Good Luck and Namaste.

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