Dreams of the NeOnieroMancers

            The power to dreamwalk, although always rare, was once known the world over. Those who mastered the art have gone by many different names, from Sonambulites and Sandmen to the Da Cho and the Batibat. They've been called Imagineers, Insiders, Deepwalkers, Neuronauts, and Onieromancers. It's a power credited to various mystical groups from the Chinese Linn Kuei to the Japanese Yamabusbi to the Korean Hwarangdo and the transnational Hashashin, to the Setians, Setites, and certain Sufis, and a smattering of Yogis, Swamis and Witches. Some groups, like the Benedanti, were great heroes, while the Maledanti used this power to greedily consume the very life force of the earth itself. Few people today seem to comprehend that a full quarter of human history has occurred, and continues to occur, entirely in the dream realm.

            Perhaps the most well documented dreamwalkers left alive are those who live among Australia's Aborigines. Protected by unthinkably Old Gods in a plush and vibrant dreamtime which remains too difficult and untamed for outsiders to properly penetrate, those Aboriginal shamans who were sheltered by an ancient dream race called the Wondjinni are believed to be among the few to have survived the devastating psychic event known as the Transaquarian Dream War, a bloody push on behalf of the world's greatest villains to consolidate an absolute control of the entire dream realm.

            Now, beyond the Aborigines' well insulated outback, the minds of sleeping humans have all but become the exclusive domain of these dark forces, or, at least they would be, if not for one other noteworthy exception: those under the protection of a wandering warlord known as the Morphean, the self proclaimed Pirate King of All Dreams.

            The oneirogogic nature off the Dream King allows him to create and control a variety of telekinetic haunts, immersive fantasies, fully embodied phantasms, disembodied voices, raw uncrafted ectoplasm, nightmares to ride almost anywhere on, emotional and mnemonic triggers, memory palaces, astral records, and anything else a dreamer might dream, yet despite this ability the Morphean chooses instead to pass directly through the most troubled and troubling dreams of others, viewing the contents of a dreamer's mind as sacred symbols of their true face. This talent for Dark Walking often makes him impossible for his enemies to locate.

            Within such places, however, his ability to conjure and command equally discrete servants, such as fetches, tulpas, and ideomorphs, is unparalleled. It's an occult power that he's more than eager to show any potential allies, especially those who wish to foolishly display such forbidden skills in the face of the current reigning Dreamopoly.

            While many speculate on the origins of this enigmatic dream warrior, the true identity of the Morphean remains shrouded in mystery. One story has it that he's the son of the god Hypnos, who was believed to have birthed 3 gods of the dreamworld in total, the mythical Oneiroi. Some say he is the immortal St. Germain, continuing his centuries long battle against the Senex, and his equally monsterous allies, who currently seem to have the dream realm conquered. Others say he's an ancient inhabitant of the realm who gained enough self-awareness and will to simply refuse to be conquered. Still others surmise that he may be a spontaneous by-product of so many billions of unconscious minds forced to dream in lockstep with the banal demands of their new dark overlords, the Saturnian Order of Melchizedek.

            He once told me about a dream god who's common name literally meant "Scary," but whom all the other gods called Icelus, a name which merely means "Semblance." At that moment the horde descended upon us, and I understood his meaning, and almost immediately I woke up.

            But not before I told him where you sleep. Good luck and Namaste.