Beyond The Memory Palace: The Ministry of War

            Memory Palaces can be used for far more than just impressive feats of recall. In mine, among other things, I've built a War Room, where I can be alerted to specific dangers and given instant access to helpful information by a group that I call "The Ministry of War," masters of the various vexing avenues which human conflict can take.

            If this idea doesn't immediately make sense, just think of it as a vivid psychic interface for accessing unconscious wisdom, typically in response to some specific and relevant external stimuli. It's constructed like the Chambers for the Senate or the House of Representatives, or, in other words, like a theater in the round. Often I'll go there in meditation, just to talk out my problems and be advised of my various options.

            So, for example, my very closest and most trusted adviser is the highly esteemed Minister of Reason, flanked on either side by the Minister of Empathy and the Minister of Humor. However, just behind them sit the Ministers of Avoidance, Disapproval, and Distraction, as well as Ministers for Guilt, Bribery, and Politics although I would hardly say that I call on these last six as sources of guidance or sound strategy in my normal everyday conflicts.

            In fact, beyond those first three ministers who comprise my inner circle, all of the others are really only there to provide a more complete counsel against the full range of faces which human conflict all to often may assume. After all, I can't afford a blind spot in my field of vision just because some course of action is philosophically unacceptable for me personally. They, therefore, are also there to think the thoughts that I don't wish to think.

            And this is precisely why I also regularly confer with those in the back of the War Room, my so-called Shadow Ministry. Peering down as they do from their seats nearly up in the rafters, these are the dark and forbidden masters of Passive Aggression, Slander, Invalidation, Deception, Seduction, Sabotage, Intimidation, Violence and yes, even Murder.

            I have a Minister of Murder; I think everyone should. Regardless of your feelings on my personal choices for these phantasmic helpers, I think you can agree that the basic practice itself is a sound one and even something that you might wish to invest your own time in developing. I'd love to hear what you come up with. Til then, Good Luck and Namaste.

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