Awakening the Lashes of Fire

            There's a saying over in Isreal that "you haven't made it in Israeli politics until you've been cursed by the Pulsa diNura," an increasingly in vogue death threat slung around among the lowest of the ultra-orthodox. The “dark power” of the Pulsa diNora was infamously unleashed just over a year ago against the Israeli Economics and Trade Minister, Naftali Bennett, when, in early 2013, Bennett controversially advocated for some radical policy changes in regard to Israel's then almost universally mandatory military service, changes that would no longer exempt the children of the ultra-orthodox from actually serving, like most other Israelis, in the endless military occupation of Palestine. This would make them and their families have to physically participate, like all other Israelis, in a war that these same Rabbis seemed otherwise very eager to support; that is, at least, vocally, and, of course, with other people's blood.

            Bennett easily survived this curse, as well as other, far more credible, threats against his life, yet, according to the Ultra-Orthodox, this curse has been responsible for a handful of prominent political deaths over the years, from the death of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a decade back, to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin's assassination ten years before that (both, ostensibly, due to plans that each of these leaders had made to return currently occupied lands back to the Palestinians). This week, however, something quite new and disturbing transpired, something that should make you as angry as it did me, because the so called “Lashes of Fire,” apparently the perfect curse for cowards who are eager to speak yet unwilling to act, was leveled against a local American restaurant, and all of its American staff, right here on American soil. Apparently, someone wants to fight their foreign war here as well, and, even more audaciously, they want to use magick to do so. I believe that's my department, thank you; so, if you're intrigued, please, follow me though this short story step by step, and I'll tell you when we get to end what you can do to help.

            As usual, I entered this conflict feet first and flying blind a full day before it should have begun. At the breaking of Sabbath this Saturday I held a massive and spontaneous fire ritual, in which I employed literal “lashes of fire,” at a local Jewish home right here in Pittsburgh. Later that evening, while searching for a proper name for the new fire tool I had created, I discovered the Pulsa diNora quite accidentally, a synchronicity which gave me a chance to pore over its twisted political history. Nothing too strange about that, except that the very next day I learned that someone else, unbeknownst to me, had just launched this very same curse, as well as the death threat it implies, against my friends at the Conflict Kitchen.

            Now, the police, as we speak, are searching for the person responsible for this threat, but I've been working on the magical angle of the problem for a few days now, and I've learned that while this theurgic ritual can be accomplished any number of ways, nearly all of them will be enormously flawed by various fundamental delusions. First of all, there's strong Zoharic authority stating that this “curse” is actually a sort of blessing in disguise, as many believe that it can only properly be invoked to the benefit of a “Jew” who has himself fallen into some sort of “religious error.” The very idea of using this against non-Jews is as ridiculous as threatening to excommunicate Rastifarians from the Catholic Church. However, despite this basic confusion, I've still chosen to employ mirrors in my current efforts to subvert this mysterious terrorist's magical efforts, of which this essay is but one.

            Mirrors, you see, are often used in magic to reflect back malicious energies against any who might attempt to send them out, but the mirror serves a deeper mystical function as well, bringing each of us face to face with our own most immediate and stark realities. The Pulsa diNora, among people who aren't stupid enough to conceive of it as a mere curse, is better understood as the protective covering which shields the Shekinah, the indwelling essence of God itself, from all external harms it might encounter while in this world, as well as protecting the world from it. That someone is attempting to remove this covering with the notion of doing a non-Jew actual physical harm, a sentiment which is expressly forbidden anyway, is really laughable, since as far as I can tell all authentic rituals connected to this construct can only properly be used for one thing and one thing only: The spiritual perfection of those upon whom it focuses. It is, like all proper Lovecraftian workings, a simple matter of breaking inconvenient seals, of setting that which is currently bound loose upon the world. Sounds fantastic if you ask me.

            So, in addition to reflections and re-directions, I've also amplified the basic curse and attempted to spread its fundamental influence like a dirty bomb all across Oakland, Shadyside and Squirrel Hill, in the hopes that it will do what it was ACTUALLY intended to do: to strip away all of that which has heretofore insulated us from the truth that's all around us, to bring us our “due” by placing the divine spirit in each of us right up against the countless troubles and turmoils which I'm sure some of us may have callously been ignoring for far, far, too long. Today, you will be as gods.

            And I do all this with only one last word of caution:

            The Waking of the Lashes of Fire represents finally taking responsibility for all of the things we've pushed for with our own individual magical wills, whether or not we each currently understand, or even acknowledge, how we are, in fact, such magicians, this spell harkens directly to the divine, and all-too-often dreaming, core of our unconscious, so that it might flood out, even as you read these words, into the world around us to manifest immediate and unmediated change. It's that rare magick of instant Karma which I, for one, welcome with open arms. However, there's nothing to fear here, because, unlike those sick sad men who've been thoroughly twisted away from the indwelling breath of their own God, we aren't hiding from the truth.

            And now neither can you. See you in the Kitchen. Good luck and Namaste.